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Loved it!
The difficulty at first seems Insane, but as further your progress, as more fun it is. Speedrunning becomes funny too after you got all Equips. The important Part is, this is a completion Game, you wanna reach 100%. only missing some Extreme missions by now but im close to. Great Game, hope there will be a sequel!

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swishcheese responds:

Awesome! glad you enjoyed. Maybe a sequel, idk we will see. Thanks for playing.

I glitched through the ground and am now falling. besides that, great Game!

JackAstral responds:

lol sorry about that- I'm working on polishing up the platforming a little more now. Thanks for playing :)

the controls, platforms

the controls are really buggy, feeling they dont react as they should, also platforms, uhm they move but you dont....


I dont like that you need to spend real money for getting enough diamonds, besides that great game.

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nice but...

If you unlock the Black Market and buy either shield to armor or armor to shield and sell it you cant die anymore. This killed the game for me kinda....
Also there should be a level select...

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nice game

i found a bug during the fight with the 3 freak brothers; they pushed me behind the big block so i was unable to proceed. beside that its a good game.

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duperDude responds:

I will have to check that out. :P

Great tutorial

I learned alot from this Tutorial and its easy to understand.
Thanks alot.

Nice game and way better than the first

Well, this made me kinda laugh and i enjoyed playing it but it would have been nice to actually have something to play for instead of getting everything for nothing(i miss kinda the challenge like being high before proceding to the next level or watch porn), but overall nice made.

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